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Loyalty Points

About Us


Mo Change is a mobile software company and our goal is to redefine the way customers engage with businesses, enhancing the way we live, work and play. Our values and core competencies on which we build our platforms are centered on:

  • First One


    We optimize our systems to ensure the shortest lead time possible on processing requests.

  • second one


    We don’t gamble with security and therefore we are continously testing and upgrading our security features.

  • fourth muscle


    We dislike downtimes and so we use several back-up systems in order to ensure that our services are always up

  • training fifth

    Cost effective

    We design and custom make our services to ensure the best return on your investment for your business

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Mo Points

Mo Points is a customer loyalty platform. We are changing your view of loyalty points. We want to make sure that your loyalty points are adding value to your life, helping you to pay your bills and meet your needs. As a business we want to ensure that customers keep returning to you.

Mo Points is all about convenience & creating value for your points. Imagine paying your bills using your points….

We understand that your goal is to increase your sales and improve the customer experience for your product/service offering. Why not learn it from the consumers themselves?….

Business Benefits


Business is all about meeting your customers needs and growing your sales from repeat purchases and new customers. How about we help you understand your customers needs and enable the customers to grow your brand. The Mo Points platform empowers you as a business to:

  • First One

    Award Loyalty Points

  • second one

    Build customer Engagement

  • fourth muscle

    Build customer referral marketing

  • second one

    Eliminate unnecessary set up costs



Customer Benefits

Imagine having one loyalty card which you can use anywhere to shop, earn points and redeem your points anywhere. Imagine using your points to;

  1. Pay bills
  2. Buy Airtime
  3. Buy Tokens
  4. Buy Fuel
  5. Pay for Parking
  6. Pay for shopping

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